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Guelph and Waterloo Region among Canada’s top cities to buy real estate in.

The MoneySense report “Canada’s top cities to buy real estate in” puts Waterloo Region as the 13th best market, with Guelph coming in 9th. The average home price in Waterloo Region topped $337,000 in 2014, with a five-year price appreciation of 3.7%.

In Guelph, the average price was over $357,000, with a five-year price appreciation near 5.7%.

As Guelph real estate sales representative, I can see that the city has grown and the changes are noticeable at every corner. The University of Guelph (UofG) makes its home here, and that attracts the vast number of festivals, concerts and other art events which differs Guelph from any other city its size. We are living in a dynamic and diverse community ready for new challenges and joys that comes from growing number of people moving here.

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